Building Reefers the SmartWay®

The best has gotten more fuel-efficient


Long before the EPA created the SmartWay program, Utility challenged the status quo and built trailers that were light weight and strong—trailers that by their very nature used less fuel. This meant that Utility trailers helped businesses to be more environmentally-friendly long before it was fashionable.

In 2007, Utility was recognized as an environmental leader when the 4000D-X Composite® became the industry’s first EPA SmartWay Certified dry van trailer—using technologies that further improved its fuel economy. Even though there were no standards established by the EPA to make a reefer EPA-designated SmartWay, the 3000R® was already an acknowledged fuel saver.

In February 2016, Utility raised the bar once even further—offering SmartWay options that include low-rolling resistance tires and proven aerodynamic devices such as Utility’s USS-120A-4 side skirt. An EPA-designated SmartWay 3000R is rated to use 6% less fuel than the same fuel-saving 3000R without these technologies.






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