ConMet® PreSet Plus® Premium Wheel End System Standard on all Trailers

For nearly two decades, the ConMet® PreSet Plus® has been the most advanced wheel end system on the market. It features an optimized bearing spacer, long-life bearings that are engineered to withstand demanding operating conditions, an integrated spindle nut that makes installation easier and improves wheel end clamp load to maintain proper endplay,  precision machined casting, extended life seals, ABS tone ring, magnetic fill plug, and an easy access fill hole. The ConMet Preset Plus Premium Wheel End System also comes standard with an 8-year warranty and is available in aluminum and iron. Drum and air-disc brake options for both TP and TN axle configurations are also available.

ConMet PreSet Plus wheel end system is the standard base specification on all Utility trailer models. “We continue to upgrade our base specifications to maximize the reliability and performance of our trailers,” said Steve Bennett, Vice President of Utility. “The PreSet Plus with its state-of-the-art design is low maintenance, delivering optimum durability.”

ConMet PreSet Plus hubs are the standard position across all major truck OEMs. This technology reduces lifecycle costs for trailers and having a common wheel end technology between truck and trailers simplifies service procedures and technician training. For more information about ConMet PreSet Plus, visit:

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