Freymiller Celebrates Their Golden Anniversary

A success story 5 decades in the making

1968 was a year of remarkable firsts. It marked the launch of the first Apollo mission into space, the first set of Hot Wheels cars, and the start of Freymiller Trucking. Shaped by the rooted values of growing up on a Wisconsin dairy farm, at the age of 30, Don Freymiller bought his first truck in order to better provide for his family.

In 1973, Don began hauling milk, and this required that he add reefers to his fleet. He selected Utility, and Freymiller Trucking has been purchasing Utility reefers ever since.


“The core of our longstanding relationship with Utility is that we are a family business doing business with a family business,” said David Freymiller, CEO of Freymiller, Inc.

Don celebrating 50 years of success and his 80th birthday

By 1980, Freymiller Trucking was running a fleet of 56 tractors and became a dedicated temperature-controlled operation. Today, Freymiller is still family owned and operated, with the next generation on board continuing the great tradition begun by Don. They operate a fleet totaling 970 refrigerated trailers.

This past October 20th, Freymiller held a 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Criterion—a live music and entertainment venue in downtown Oklahoma City. The event also celebrated Don’s 80th birthday. The event was attended by the Freymiller family, their employees, customers, Utility Trailer, vendors, bankers, and family friends. Attendees were treated to cocktails, dinner, and The Jason Young Band.

“It was a delight to be part of the celebration,” said Craig Bennett, SVP, Sales and Marketing for Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. “The multi-decade, multi-generational Freymiller story is proof that hard work and keeping your eye on the ball is still a formula for success. I congratulate them on their 50 year success and offer them best wishes for continued success.”

“Utility cherishes the relationship with the entire Freymiller family and we work hard to insure that we provide them a quality product, consistent pricing, and always plan in advance so that they have trailers when needed,” added Dave Wallace, Director of Sales for Utility.

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