Mustang Express

Roaming Free Across the Southwest

When faced with adversity, some give up. But for others, it’s the time to get going. Rick and Laura Hernandez chose the latter, more rewarding path. On September 11th, 2001 when the United States was hit by a terror attack, Rick lost his job. This setback proved to be a stepping-stone for Rick and his wife, Laura.

They decided that no one would have control over their future. Three weeks later they borrowed money to buy their first truck, and started their own company – Mustang Express. Their son Josh got involved in the business to help make a go at it. Nearly fifteen years have passed since that life-changing September day, and Mustang Express has become a successful business. Currently they have a fleet of 33 tractors and 75 dry vans – 100% Utility Trailer.

“My father is 4th generation and I’m 5th generation in the trucking business, and we enjoy the family-like culture we’ve built into this company,” said Josh Hernandez, Director for Mustang Express. “Our motto is ‘Teaming Up For Excellence’. Our family is motivated to be the best we can be for each other, our employees and their families, and for our customers. We’ve created a culture of teamwork, which starts with two drivers in a truck. We look at everything to determine excellence: customer service, employee retention, CSA safety scores, and profitability.”

“They are a great customer,” said Blas Gonzalez, SW Regional Sales Manager for Utility Trailer. “It’s wonderful to acknowledge their family success, integrity and generosity.” Excellence extends to their charity work, including support of their church – Abundant Living Faith Center, which has different programs that serve people in need. They also support “Science in a Suitcase”, which partners with nonprofits around the world to spark children’s passions for science, technology and the arts, igniting unlimited possibilities for their futures.

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