New Eagle Pass, Texas Facility Supports CBNA TRU Assembly

New Eagle Pass, Texas Facility Supports CBNA TRU Assembly


As Utility Trailer and Cargobull North America continue rolling out new products, an additional facility will open this month to boost production and support their cutting-edge innovations. Adjacent to the Utility Trailer Southeast Texas location in Eagle Pass, Texas, this new Utility and CBNA facility will focus on the final assembly of CBNA TRUs. The plant will also work on final assembly of remote evaporators, solar panels, telematics hardware, and other essential TRU parts. The facility will also be a warehouse that will store materials and parts for CBNA and Utility.

Centrally located to best serve most of North America, Utility dealers can order CBNA units and parts directly with rapid response. Along with the network of six conveniently located Aurora Parts distribution centers, the new Eagle Pass facility will further improve the accessibility and availability of CBNA parts and accessories.

It’s an exciting time for Utility Trailer’s production efforts. The new plant in Eagle Pass complements a recently completed modshop at Utility’s nearby Piedras Negras, Mexico, reefer manufacturing plant. The shop specializes in reefer installation, remote evaporator installation, the UAT-2 Aerodynamic Tail, Utility Side Impact Guards, lift gates, decals, and more.

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