TRU with High IQ: Taking Telematics to New Heights

The all-new Utility Trailer Connect UTC-TABS8 and UTC-TABS8PRO fully integrated telematics communicate both TRU data and critical trailer health and status information.

Utility Trailer Connect telematics are the central nervous system of Cargobull North America’s new TRU technology. Fully integrated and not just an aftermarket add-on, the UTC-TABS8 series ensures loads are more secure and unwanted surprises are a thing of the past. Fleets enjoy a seamless, comprehensive, and better handle on both trailer and unit maintenance issues that can impact fuel efficiency, uptime, security, driver safety, and load quality control—all right at fleet managers’ fingertips at any time and anywhere through the Cargobull North America and Utility Trailer Connect telematics portal.

Key benefits include complete surveillance and control over the temperature-controlled transport with 24/7 live TRU monitoring, including fuel status and door-opening monitoring, as well as advanced two-way communication options or smart remote reefer settings. Intelligent geofencing and customizable temperature reporting options are also available, with additional industry-leading technology such as tire-inflation monitoring, remote door lock controls, and vehicle immobilization options on the horizon.

With one click, telematics data can now be streamlined directly to industry-standard frontends, fleet operators, and transport management or enterprise resource planning systems. Both the UTC-TABS8 and UTC-TABS8PRO systems are available and compatible with all of Cargobull North America’s new hybrid and electric TRU models on the Utility Trailer 3000R.


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