Utility Receives Top Green Award in 2021

Utility was named as one of 2021’s Top Green Providers by Food Logistics, which is the only publication that covers the movement of products through the global cold food supply chain. Each year, Food Logistics recognizes companies whose products, services, or leadership enhance sustainability within the cold food and beverage industry.

For many years, Utility has actively focused on their sustainability efforts. To start, the company commissioned the Ramboll Group, a third-party environmental and health consultancy to identify and quantify successful sustainability projects at its manufacturing facilities. The Ramboll Group concluded that Utility’s efforts save over $1.4 million per year just from reduced water, energy, and materials usage, and by lowering overall waste generation.

Another way that Utility has contributed to improved sustainability was with the development of the Utility Aerodynamic Side Skirt (USS-120A-4) and the Utility Aerodynamic Tail 2 (UAT2). Utility’s Side Skirt comes standard on all Utility trailers and the UAT2 is available as a factory-installed option. When paired together on a dry van or reefer, these two aerodynamic devices significantly reduce emissions, saving 832 gallons of fuel per 100,000 miles.*

Utility is also making a positive impact by transitioning to the use of the Non-HFC (Non-Hydrofluorocarbon) foam “Solstice®”. Once this change is made, “Solstice” will be the standard foam insulation in all their reefer products. A key benefit to non-HFC foam is that it does not incorporate strong greenhouse gases, which helps reduce the impact on climate change. This new base specification of the non-HFC foam complies with requirements from those regions in North America that have imposed the non-HFC foam requirements. To learn more about Utility’s sustainability efforts, visit: www.UtilityTrailer.com/discover-utility/sustainability.

*These calculations are based on test results conducted by MVT Solutions, an independent fuel economy testing and consulting firm and may vary based on driving conditions and other factors. Learn more about fuel savings here: www.UtilityTrailer.com/aerodynamic-savings/.

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