Utility’s Green Efforts are Improving the Environment

Sustainability efforts are paying huge dividends.

Conserving resources is not a new idea to Utility. For two decades Utility has improved operations in order to be the best environmental steward possible. Recently, Utility hired Ramboll, an independent, third-party engineering and consultancy firm to determine the impact of these efforts. Ramboll presented their findings in a comprehensive sustainability report, which highlights Utility’s substantial environmental, health, and safety improvements.

Utilizing over two decades of data from all five of Utility’s manufacturing plants across the U.S., Ramboll’s report details the impact Utility’s efforts have made on reducing overall air emissions, waste, and energy consumption. Utility’s proactive green initiatives have eliminated all ozone-depleting emissions from their inject-foam insulation process and reduced their overall waste and emissions. Results show that Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions decreased by 27%, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions were cut down 62%, and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) air emissions dropped 97%.

“We are pleased that all Utility manufacturing plants are classified as Minor Sources of Emissions under the US EPA’s Clean Air Act regulations”
“We view these practices as more than our legal responsibility. We take pride in managing our production and manufacturing with integrity as it relates to forward-thinking environmental practices. Going forward, we will continue to improve.”
-Brett Olsen, Marketing Manager for Utility.

Utility also sources 100% of its wood from forests certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI), and their recycling efforts have yielded a 23% increase. Utility has also improved their safety record. Recordable injuries have decreased by 63% and severe injuries declined by 67%, making their DART rate (Days Away, Restricted or Transferred) 31% lower than the industry average. “Our proactive initiatives are achieving a safer, smarter, and more sustainable workplace,” Mr. Olsen added. “We’re staying ahead of the curve by implementing sustainable practices that are better for our employees, our environment, and best utilize our natural resources.”

Utility’s proactive green initiatives have dramatically
reduced emissions, waste and energy use.

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