The 4000D-X Composite® Adds Another Family Member

ut-dry-van-4000d-x-composite-tbrEngineered f4000d-x-composite-tbr-logoor demanding applications

Utility’s heavy-duty 4000D-X Composite is by design an adaptive platform. With a few intelligent upgrades, it is able to work at peak performance and meet the challenges of the most demanding applications, yet remain light weight. We welcome the 4000D-X Composite TBR to the family. Built to withstand heavy use and deliver a lower total cost of ownership, the 4000D-X Composite TBR can be expected to deliver long-term performance for a business’ unique hauls.

The 4000D-X Composite TBR is built for high cube, heavy duty applications. Featuring a new heavy duty Tall Bottom Rail (TBR) that is 10″ taller and 50% thicker at floor level than the standard 4000D-X Composite bottom rail, the 4000D-X Composite TBR still achieves a minimum 101″ inside width. The riveted structural components including the wearband, have been raised above the pallet rub, impact and work level, and are replaced by the smooth, solid, one-piece interior surface of the thick, aluminum Tall Bottom Rail.

The High Payload Floor System has also been upgraded to support a 20,000 lb forklift truck load rating. The 4000D-X Composite TBR weighs less than the competition, yet still offers a 65,000 lb GVWR.








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