Utility Trailer Sales of Oregon on the Sunny Side

uts-of-central-oregon-redmond-solar-panelsRedmond location receives Climate Champion award

Utility Trailer Sales of Central Oregon, Redmond has received a Climate Champion Award from 350 Deschutes, at their 2016 Conference titled Climate Change: Solutions & Opportunities. The award is given to companies, government, and individuals that show exemplary leadership in actions that combat climate change. Utility Trailer Sales of Central Oregon installed enough solar to become a Net Zero Facility. This means that the amount of energy that is consumed equals the amount of energy that is created.

“While we were designing our new building for Redmond, we thought our location was ideal to utilize solar energy to supplement the building’s power,” said Pat Hilsinger, President of Utility Trailer Sales of Oregon. “We enjoy an outstanding climate and quite a number of sunny days in Central Oregon. We were referred to an outstanding local firm who walked us through the possibilities for our property. Once we became aware of all of the available financial incentives—tax credits, grants, and Energy Trust support, it became a no-brainer. Not only are we supporting clean energy, but there is big up-side from an economic standpoint as this system will generate power for our facility long after the project has paid for itself in energy savings.”

The award was presented at the 350 Deschutes conference held October 3-4, 2016 at the Mt. Bachelor Village Conference Center in Bend, Oregon.

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