Craftsmen Named Vendor of the Decade

Two Decade Relationship is Flourishing

Twenty years ago at the IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference, Tony Mercurio, Vice of President of Sales and Marketing for Craftsmen Utility Trailer, laid the groundwork for a great business relationship when he met Bill Pocilujko from Golden State Foods. It took time to develop, and it wasn’t until Bill had an immediate need for trailers that the door opened for a partnership to begin. In tandem with another Utility dealer, Craftsmen worked quickly to get GSF exactly what they needed.

Shortly after, Tony visited every GSF distribution center and drove a route with drivers from each location to understand GSF’s business requirements. This dedication sparked an enduring partnership that has grown into more than Craftsmen could have ever imagined. Fifteen hundred-plus highly customized refrigerated trailers later, the relationship is still going strong.

What makes the relationship special is the effort Craftsmen takes to go above and beyond to make sure GSF has everything they need in a timely manner. And what started as a business relationship has turned into a true partnership with both organizations and their charitable foundations working hand in hand to provide excellent service as well as assistance within the communities they serve.

L-R Tony Mercurio, Lou Helmsing, Erin Theobald, Crystal Barz


“We are grateful for our partnership with Golden State Foods, and we take nothing for granted,” said Tony. “We were a service provider long before the term became a buzzword. Service is not one big thing; it’s a million little things, and that’s why our team and the GSF team work together in multiple ways each and every day. We work hard to help GSF with everything they need to be successful in today’s competitive environment.”

Utility Corporate is also very involved in helping this relationship succeed. “Besides manufacturing the best reefer available, Utility has been flexible to modify and customize their trailers to the specific and technical needs of Golden State Foods,” added Lou Helmsing, President of Craftsmen Utility Trailer. “Looking ahead, we will continue to evolve GSF’s custom trailer builds with the latest technology solutions to fit their fleet’s needs and provide improved operational efficiency.”

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