Glade Spring, Virginia Dry Van Plant Celebrates 20 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

With COVID-19 drawing everyone’s attention, it became easy to overlook a significant milestone at the Glade Spring dry van manufacturing plant — its 20th anniversary. “No one realized it, but then we moved into gear to have a celebration,” said Sam Cassell, Plant Manager. “When we opened, there were 31 of us who had a hand in manufacturing the plant’s first dry van. Today, there are 8 of those original team members remaining.” Since its opening, Glade Spring has manufactured over 118,000 dry vans and has grown to over 700 team members.


Over the years, there have been many challenges, downturns, and upswings. Through it all, Glade Spring has stuck together. In 2011, the plant was hit by an EF3 tornado. The very next day, people returned to work and started rebuilding.

“There are many things to be proud about, but the character of our people stands out most to me.”


100,000th trailer produced

75,000th trailer produced

50,000th trailer produced

1st trailer produced in 2001

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