Workforce Heroes Truck Continues to Travel the Country Doing Good

Whatever your perspective was in 2020, what we went through was unexpected. 

Plans changed for many businesses. That was true for the Workforce Heroes Program and its recruitment tour through the nation. “Our whole program changed as a result of the pandemic,” said Elizabeth Barna, EVP, Industry Affairs & Senior Advisor to the President & CEO of American Trucking Associations. “We faced a workforce shortage in our industry, and we couldn’t visit schools, attend public events, and didn’t have access to military bases as planned.”

The mission of the Workforce Heroes Program is to recruit and train “honorable, dedicated and passionate” men and women, first and foremost, those who served in the armed services to pursue careers in the trucking industry. And they did accomplish that mission. The Workforce Heroes truck attended the Teamsters Military Assistance Program (TMAP) graduation ceremony at Fort Carson, CO. TMAP partners guaranteed graduates jobs, and all eight graduates entered the trucking industry.

Other missions arose. In the aftermath of two hurricanes, the Workforce Heroes truck and trailer delivered supply relief to Lake Charles five times, providing generators, critical supplies, and water. Their first delivery had the Heroes trailer — a 4000D-X Composite® dry van filled to the brim with bottles of water. In response to the pandemic, Workforce Heroes delivered 55-gallon barrels of hand sanitizers to truck stops, so truckers could fill up on the road. They also moved masks from Honeywell and ventilators where needed.

Despite COVID-19 and the restrictions it placed on social gatherings, the Workforce Heroes truck and trailer also participated in Wreaths Across America. “Normally over 100,000 volunteers participate in this nationwide event, lining up to honor our fallen heroes,” added Ms. Barna. “This year was different. Still 1,600 cemeteries received wreaths. The Heroes truck and trailer carried 1,850 wreaths from Maine to the Arlington National Cemetery. We’re proud of the positive impact the Heroes trailer had this past year. It traveled nearly 22,000 miles doing good serving many in need. We know there is great good still to do.” 

“We’re honored that Utility played a role beyond the ATA’s efforts to recruit military vets into the industry,” said Brett Olsen, Marketing Manager for Utility. “The good things they accomplished this year is a testament to the people who make this industry great to work in.”






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