Great Relationships Lead to Great Solutions


We may make large boxes, but Utility Trailer is not just another big-box manufacturer with product lines limited to standard, traditional options. Utility is proud to build personal relationships and work directly with our customers to come up with solutions to meet their unique operational needs.

A recent joint venture between Utility Trailer and Target enables the global retailer to optimize its hauling and transportation efficiency. Utility Trailer’s thermally efficient CenterSeal load partition system allows for multiple zones inside a 3000R Multi-Temp for load versatility and efficiency. A custom, specialized version of the CenterSeal system addresses Target’s unique needs with an offset center divider that allows for better organization and enhanced load capacity. Changing the load configuration with a four-inch offset on one compartment lets Target load approximately two more pallets per trailer load, maximizing space and eliminating excess trips.

“The relationship between Target and Utility is maintained by keeping open communication with both Target corporate associates and Food Distribution Center personnel,” said Tony Villanueva, National Accounts for Utility. “The versatility of this design has proven to be a great solution for Target’s overall operation and is a prime example of Utility’s innovation.”

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