R.F. Chamberland Celebrates Their 40th Anniversary

The New England Transportation Company is Three Generations Strong

Potatoes. The simple beginnings of R.F. Chamberland began with the simple spud. In 1977, Viola and Bob Chamberland founded R.F. Chamberland Potato Corporation to buy, sell and ship potatoes, as well as other produce to markets throughout New England and Eastern Canada.

The partnership with Utility also started in 1977 at a Maine auction when Bob and Viola made their first refrigerated trailer purchase. As their business grew, their relationship with Utility and Utility Trailers of New England grew as well. “I thank R.F. Chamberland for their loyalty to Utility,” said Jon Comeford, President of Utility Trailers of New England.

From Left: Mark Chamberland, Bob Chamberland, Jon Comeford, Dale Chamberland

Located near the Canadian border in picturesque St. Agatha, Maine, the company grew beyond potatoes and produce, and changed their name to R.F. Chamberland, Inc. in 1996. Bob and Viola’s two sons, Mark and Dale, are now running the company, and the third generation of Chamberlands are getting involved. Today, the company operates a fleet of 60 trucks and 123 trailers. In 2010, Dale and Mark developed a cedar business and added cedar fencing to their list of cargo.

Mr. Comeford presented a plaque congratulating Mark, Dale and Bob on 40 years of success at a gathering at the Long Lake Sporting Club Restaurant. Two days later, the Chamberlands hosted a large party at the Lakeview Restaurant to celebrate and thank employees, customers and vendors. “It has been a real pleasure to be a part of their growing success. They are such a great family. It was also a delight to be part of their 40th anniversary celebration,” said Mr. Comeford.

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