Watkins Trucking Company

A Family of Values

What enabled family-owned Watkins Trucking to earn the respect of its peers and the customers it serves? Hard work and perseverance – but it’s also the character of this Alabama-based company from values passed on through 4 generations.

“We are a family owned & operated business that strives to have a personal connection with each of our employees,” said Wayne Watkins, one of the owners of Watkins Trucking. “My brothers – Randy, David and I value family and we are committed to treat every member of the team like family as well.”

This way of regarding others in business started with Irvin “Pops” Watkins, their grandfather. Pops started out running a rural passenger bus operation in rural communities, then moved into trucking by leasing tractors under another company’s authority.

From left to right: Kneeling: Reilly Armstrong, Bo Watkins, Kati Pearce Standing: Randy Watkins, Wayne Watkins, David Watkins

Watkins operated this way until 1989 when they received authority to be their own operation. “Four families were involved in the business and we needed to grow to support us all,” continued Mr. Watkins.

Today, the next generation of the Watkins family is part of the team. Wayne’s children – Reilly Armstrong, Kati Pearce, and Bo Watkins are all actively involved in building the company’s future.

Watkins, a customer of Utility Trailer Sales of Alabama, operates a fleet of 85 tractors and 180 flatbeds – all Utility trailers. They recently purchased 27 new 4000AE combo flatbeds. “The 4000AE is our trailer of choice, because of its quality, and we value our relationship with Utility Trailer Sales of Alabama. They are prompt and thorough and provide excellent customer service,” added Mr. Watkins. Pres Overby, President of Utility Trailer Sales of Alabama says, “Watkins has been a great customer of ours since 1994. They are people of integrity that value quality products and timely service.”

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