Utility Sets Another Industry First with Trailer Roll Stability as Standard on the 3000R®

First in the Industry

Utility has added trailer roll stability as a standard feature on the 3000R base model becoming the first trailer manufacturer to include roll stability as a standard on their refrigerated trailers.

“Trailer roll stability systems have now demonstrated themselves as a technology that can dramatically improve a fleet’s safety. We believe that the technology has progressed so that we can begin integrating this specification as a standard and not as an optional feature,” said Craig Bennett, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing for Utility. “We will begin by adding this important safety component on our base model reefer trailers beginning with orders received in January 2015.”Bendix TRSP

Utility is including the Bendix® TABS-6 Advanced with Bendix Trailer Roll Stability Program (TRSP). The system combines anti-lock braking (ABS) with a set of trailer sensors, which monitor stability and can quickly and automatically trigger braking intervention when detecting conditions that may lead to a trailer rollover. It is available in single-channel (SC) and optional multi­channel (MC) configurations.

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