Utility’s Paragould, Arkansas plant fulfills a WWII veteran’s Valentine’s wish in “Operation Valentine”.

When 104-year-old World War II veteran, Major Bill White campaigned that he’s been collecting Valentine’s cards every year, little did he know his request will go viral. Over the years, he has asked friends and strangers to send him a valentine. But this year, he suddenly became an overnight sensation.

Employees from the Arkansas plant took part in this special operation by signing their own giant Valentine’s card for Major Bill White. So far, he has received close to 75,000 cards and gifts from around the world and may easily top 100,000.

Major Bill White lives in Stockton, CA and is a retired U.S. Marine veteran who earned a Purple Heart fighting in the battle of Iwo Jima.

Employees from the Arkansas plant with the signed Valentine card. Pictured left to right: Sarah Sheridan, Ashton Harrell, Ali Defries, Shaman Stevens, Tommy Rogers, Kathy White, Justin Sanders, Dustin Degenstein, James McKinley, Bobby Thomas, John Oliver

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