Salespeople Challenged To “Never Stop Learning”

Knowledge gives us an awesome advantage

Over 200 of Utility’utmuniversitylogo-horizontals dealer salespeople gathered September 14-17 at the Renaissance Dallas Hotel to attend UTM University—the theme for the 2016 Sales Meeting. With the statement “Never Stop Learning” as the guiding principle, attendees entered as students into classroom settings to gain new insights and deeper knowledge on the continuous improvements and innovation in technology, product developmen
t and sales. “The more we know, the more value we can offer our customers, and that gives us a competitive advantage,” said Larry Roland, Director of Marketing for Utility.

The meeting kicked off the first day with a morning session with updates on the company and industry and concluded with manufacturer
presentations. In the afternoon, students broke down into smaller groups for their first set of classes. Several sessions were offered including in-depth information on each product. The reefer course highlighted the performance advantages of the 3000R® as well as provided an update on the new FSMA regulation to give dealers a better understanding on how their customers can better prepare for it. Another class discussed the variety of utm-university-sales-meeting-2optional spec’s available for food service distribution applications and explored the technologies that are FSMA compliant.

The dry van session challenged students on how familiar they were on the advantages of the 4000D-X Composite®. The class examined the construction design versus plate trailers and the cost differences in repair over competitors. The session also pointed out that this design offers the customer more load securement versatility with over 700 different locations to secure a load and further educated the class on the new option tall bottom rail 4000D-X Composite TBR.

UTM University also conducted field course work at its Product Lab that showcased Utility’s bestselling 3000R reefer, the 4000D-X Composite TBR and
the new 4000AE™ combo flatbed. “Each dealer had the opportunity to explore and learn how these trailers provide the customer with more long-term value,” added Mr. Roland.

A flatbed seminar titled Debunking the Myth: Aluminum vs. Combo, provided a spec-to-spec analysis between all-aluminum trailers and the 4000A® combo trailer. The class also introduced the new 4000AE flatbed with an overview of how the design was evolved through rigorous testing at Utility’s Testing Facility.

Additional classes disseminated important information on Utility’s supplemental sales manual, its utm-university-sales-meeting-1warranty process, and online sales resources and tools. Component manufacturers offered a special session that presented the latest in air disc brake technology and attendees had the opportunity to network at the Student Fair that evening.

The last day included a second set of classes, an awards luncheon and a presentation from keynote speaker Mark McAfee from Organic Pastures. A Sales Meeting would not be complete without some time for fun and UTM University concluded the three-day event at a Top Golf venue.

Feedback from attendees was overall positive, including many stating that this is “The best sales meeting ever,” “best breakout sessions ever,” “top shelf,” and “all went like a swiss watch.”

The venue also received positive comments, highlighting Dallas’ central location, the quality of the accommodations, and the environment for learning. “Many attendees thought the experience was enjoyable, but the value was that salespeople gained relevant information that will prove invaluable as they work to earn a customer’s confidence,” said Roland.


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