Thinking Aerodynamically

Utility is pushing fuel-efficiency to a higher level

Utility has been committed to building light weight and strong trailers that have a comparatively low tare weight, making our trailers more fuel-efficient by design. And now Utility is actively involved in designing technologies that optimize fuel-efficiency even further. Designed and tested to meet strict Utility operational requirements, the Utility Aerodynamic Tail (UAT) and the Utility Advanced Side Skirt (USS) reduce fuel use and aerodynamic drag.

“Trailer performance is key to how we engineer trailers, and we looked for new ways for our customers to win. Improving fuel-efficiency, reducing greenhouse gases and improving our customer’s profitability was what led us to design these aerodynamic devices,” said Jeff Bennett, VP of Engineering, Product Development and Manufacturing for Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. “Our mission included designing the Utility Aerodynamic Tail to be user-friendly, maintenance-friendly and the best overall value among similar products in the market.”

Recently named one of HDT’s Top 20 Products for 2020, the innovative UAT was viewed as having the “potential to impact a fleet’s bottom line”. The 25-pound UAT streamlines airflow to diminish turbulence, and reduces the low-pressure zone behind the trailer, improving aerodynamic performance. An added benefit is that when configured on a reefer, the UAT also redirects heat away from the trailer to reduce heat convection and optimize thermal efficiency.

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