Utility’s 2017 New Salesmen Seminar

New Hires Gather in Southwest Virginia

This past October, 46 new dealer salespeople and corporate personnel ventured into scenic Southwest Virginia to attend Utility’s New Salesmen Seminar. The three-day training seminar was co-hosted by Utility’s two Virginia manufacturing plants – the Atkins reefer plant and the Glade Spring dry van plant.

“I find this location to be an ideal venue for the seminar,” said Brett Olsen, Marketing Manager for Utility. “Attendees get to discover the culture that makes Utility great. It gives them the opportunity to meet the people who are the backbone of the company and see first-hand the efficiencies that goes into making quality products. Since both plants are 18 miles apart, a new sales person is able to gain valuable insight into two of the industry’s leading trailer products.”

The three-day training seminar provided new hires with information that is essential for success. Attendees participated in detailed sales and marketing product sessions on reefers, dry vans and flatbeds. During plant tours, participants gained an up-close opportunity to learn about the features, advantages and benefits of each Utility product. “This seminar equips new sales reps with knowledge and information that’s critical to better serve their customers. It also reinforces in their minds that we, at the manufacturing level, are invested in their success,” added Mr. Olsen.

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