Wayne Stewart’s Anniversary Collection

A loyal customer’s purchase of a special trailer

After working in Western Canada for 14 years, Wayne Stewart decided to move back to his hometown in Hartland, New Brunswick in 1990. He had 1 truck and needed a refrigerated trailer to join a local truck load carrier as an owner/operator. He purchased his first trailer, a new stainless steel tridem 48’ Utility reefer from Valley Equipment, Ltd. He is now currently with Professional Carriers in Hartland and owns a fleet of 15 trucks and 15 Utility trailers. He purchased every trailer and truck from Valley Equipment and since then has purchased 40 to 50 more Utility trailers.

“Wayne is considered to be one of our most loyal customers,” said Peter Cook, President and Owner of Valley Equipment, Ltd. “Wayne purchased a special trailer when Utility celebrated its 80th, and he had hoped to be around to purchase one during Utility’s 100th year.”

For Utility’s 100th, Wayne spec’d out his perfect anniversary trailer and can now add it to his personal collection. The trailer is an all-stainless steel 3000R® reefer featuring the new Hendrickson® ULTRAA-K® suspension, new Versitex® .200 x 18’’ wearband, 2-9-10-5 light package with chrome bezels, interior dome lights with motion sensors, and Utility’s black USS-120A-4 advanced side skirt. “I’ve always been impressed with Utility trailers. The entire organization is filled with good people who are great to work with,” said Wayne Stewart.

“We thank Wayne for his continued loyalty to our dealership and the Utility brand. We look forward to continuing the partnership for many more years to come,” added Cook.

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