New High Strength Steel Options Now Available

New High Strength Steel Options Now Available

Utility Introduces Two New Options for the 4000D-X Composite®  Dry Van

Utility Trailer introduces two new high strength steel options for the 4000D-X Composite® Dry Van at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, TX.


Utility has created a new high strength steel exterior panel option featuring .016” high tensile 80,000 psi, pre-painted white galvanized steel panels covering the full length of the trailer and the front wall.

This option is currently only available for the DX-100 as an alternative to the standard .040” aluminum side panel providing a means to counteract fluctuations in the price of aluminum.

In addition, a new side wall system is also available for both the optional DX-100 and the standard DX-101. It features 18 gauge, 100,000 psi galvanized steel side wall posts in the bay area, offering significant weight savings for increased payload capacity.

When combined on a DX-100, the high strength steel side wall system and exterior panel options offer a reduction in both price and weight.

To find out more about the benefits of these new options from Utility, contact your local dealer. To locate the nearest authorized Utility  dealership, visit:

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