A New Option On Flatbeds

A New Option On Flatbeds

Utility introduces the Adjustable Load Securement System (ALSS)

The new Adjustable Load Securement System (ALSS) is another innovative load securement option for Utility’s 4000A®, Tautliner® curtainsided trailer, and Conestoga 2.

“Our goal was to offer a tie-down system that would provide our customers with the freedom of securing loads from the deck as opposed to the traditional systems of using the pipe spools or undermounted winches that can interfere with tire clearance,”
said Ed Chambless, Curtainside/Flatbed Products Division Manager for Utility Trailer Manufacturing. Unlike other systems, Utility’s ALSS allows for on-the-deck load securement which is a better alternative for flatbed customers using side kits. This will eliminate the need to go over and through the side kit when securing the load.

Utility’s ALSS features a built-in track, extruded into the aluminum side rails, which also includes Utility’s standard sliding winch tracks on the bottom of the side rail. The J-Hook tie-down plates allow for maximum load securement versatility and can be used with most conventional tie-down devices such as chains, cables, and straps. The system is currently available and has a 6,500 lbs Working Load Limit (WWL) for each J-Hook tie-down plate. Additionally, Utility has developed a storage system allowing for up to 12 J-Hook tie-down plates to be secured underneath the trailer.

The new system can currently be used with all types of loads. The ALSS system is now available on all standard flatbeds and drop decks with aluminum side rails and is also available on the Tautliner product line when ordered with the aluminum side rail with optional pocket spools and rub rail. Utility’s new ALSS ultimately allows unrestricted load securement from the front to the rear rail.

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