A New Standard On Reefers

A New Standard On Reefers

Utility adds Versitex® high impact lining to all its reefers.

Utility continues to be committed to providing customers with high quality innovative products that will raise the standard among all trailers in the industry.

For added durability, Utility has changed the standard sidewall lining on all Utility refrigerated trailers to a “high impact” bi-directional fiberglass reinforced, polypropylene plastic lining. Over half of Utility customers are already utilizing this lining on the interior sidewall of their reefers because of its resilience and longevity compared to traditional F.R.P. linings.

The Utility “high impact” lining has already been included as standard equipment on the ceiling lining, front wall lining, rear door lining and sub-pan (underskin). Now, with the inclusion of the sidewalls, the entire interior and lower sub-pan below the floor is covered with this highly durable 100% recyclable lining material.

“While some competitors may not even offer our trailer standards as an option, our objective has always been to engineer products utilizing the most advanced technologies and provide them as a standard on all of our trailers,” said Craig Bennett, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing at Utility. “We have recognized the long term value of using a material that not only is moisture resistant but also promotes the longevity of the trailer,” said Bennett. The new lining material is significantly more puncture-resistant than standard fiberglass reinforced plastic liners, which helps prevent cuts and tears in the lining and reduces the negative impacts of moisture entry that may cause thermal degradation and weight gain.

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