New Video Available

New Video Available

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Featuring Independent Dealership Testamonials

The video includes exclusive interviews with real dealers and sales associates, and provides candid responses about their experiences representing Utility product in the marketplace and working directly with Utility principals.

“The new video provides a glimpse of why Utility has the strongest dealer network in the industry,” said Larry Roland, Director of Marketing for Utility. “We are proud that our dealers have the localized knowledge and industry expertise to help our customers find the best solutions for their needs. This is why our partnership has continued to gain strength throughout the years.”

As the oldest privately owned trailer manufacturer, Utility has partnered with its dealers to provide custom-built solutions for their customers’ needs based on business application of geographical requirements. Utility’s independently owned dealer network spans throughout the United States, Canada, and Latin America. “Having an extensive dealer network in over 100 locations helps us to meet the diverse demands within each region,” said Roland.

The video is now available online through the company website and on Utility’s YouTube Channel.

To find out more about Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company, visit

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