The New Generation In Advanced Side Skirts

The New Generation In Advanced Side Skirts

Utility introduces the new USS-120A

Utility is pleased to introduce an even more durable and lighter side skirt than its previous two models. Debuted at the 2011 Great American Trucking Show in Texas, the all new USS-120A is U.S. EPA SmartWay® verified as an “Advanced Side Skirt”. Like its predecessors, this model has also been engineered and tested to exceed today’s industry standards, making the USS‑120A truly the next generation in aerodynamic devices.

Similar to the previous two side skirt designs: Utility Side Skirt 120 (USS-120) and Utility Side Skirt 160 (USS-160), the new USS-120A is also created with patent- pending galvanized high-tensile steel braces that allow the side skirt to flex both inward and outward. The USS-120A side skirt includes an F.R.P. cover over Utility’s unique 5-hole pattern design wingplate. The covered wingplate holes effectively increase the length of the side skirt by up to 2 feet, which ultimately increases aerodynamic efficiency. Additionally, the forward edge of the skirt at the support leg assembly is connected by a new design “slip joint” for reduced impact damage.

This 100% recyclable side skirt is made of a UV protected bi-directional fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic material for maximum durability against the most extreme outdoor exposure. The material has over 10 years of accelerated UV testing and offers superior stiffness over non-reinforced materials to withstand severe impacts.
The new USS-120A is tested to SmartWay standards to provide a minimum of 5% fuel savings, and is CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant (when used with low rolling resistance tires)*.

* This statement is not intended to provide legal advice or legal opinion as to the applicability of the California regulation to any particular end use.  For correct methods of compliance and details, visit the CARB website.

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