Around Here Some Things Never Get Old

We’ve made a decision that some things will remain constant. These are the things that have held great meaning to us regardless of the circumstances we have faced throughout our time in business. They are core values that have weaved their way through our past, are prevalent today in the fabric of the company, and will remain strong into the future. Here are Utility’s core values that we will remain true to and carry on through the next 100 years:

Around Here Somethings Never Gets OldCommitment
It’s Utility’s continued commitment to heritage, employees, dealers, vendor partners, and customers that create strong relationships and maintains on-going trust. It’s Utility’s commitment to integrity, teamwork, quality, excellence and innovation that contributes to Utility’s success.

It’s integrity that drove H.C. and E.W. Bennett 100 years ago to keep their promise, which ultimately produced the strongest, most reliable and technologically advanced trailers on the market. That same integrity has endured throughout four generations and will continue on throughout generations to come.

For 100 years, the connection between the corporate offices and manufacturing plants, managers and employees, the engineering team and vendor partners, Utility owners and their dealers, and the entire organization and its customers has always been a powerful tool – it’s simply called teamwork and has contributed to so many industry changing innovations and developed countless lasting relationships.

Quality is what is expected every day and in every endeavor. It’s what Utility has always
demanded of each and every person in the organization. For 100 years, it’s the quality that makes fleets of all sizes trust Utility. It’s quality that Utility is committed to producing and it will remain a constant in every aspect of the company.

Mediocrity never had its place when H.C. and E.W. Bennett built their first trailer in 1914. Excellence was always the standard, which motivated Utility to build the strongest and lightest weight trailers in the world.

It all began when John C. and Walter Bennett continued the pioneering spirit of H.C. and E.W. Bennett. From the first steel brake on a trailer, to the invention of the air actuated pintle-hook, the perfecting of the foam-in-place mandrel process, developing the industry’s first SmartWay Certified dry van, and countless patents throughout the decades — innovation has always been the reason for Utility’s success.



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